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Blue Ridge Emergency Preparedness Group, LLC (BREPG) is a full service Emergency Management and Homeland Security Consulting Firm.

BREPG understands the purpose of planning, training, and testing your organization’s plans and personnel through effective and realistic collaboration, training and exercises.  This is critical to ensure that personnel are adequately prepared for a response to all major emergency events whether it is a community-wide chain of events or a single incident impacting service delivery.

Our Team has unparalleled experience in Homeland Security; Emergency Management; Business Continuity, Search and Rescue, Transportation Systems; Criminal Justice; and Disaster Response and Recovery.  Additionally, we have the knowledge, technical capabilities and experience to develop and conduct capabilities based planning, training, and exercise activities.  Our teams understand the problems and challenges that Businesses, agencies, and organizations around the country face on a daily basis.  We ensure that the project deliverables reflect realism, are challenging and create an environment in which all participants can interface and make critical decisions.  We fully realize that these decisions could ultimately have a major impact on the safety of your customers, employees, and residents.

Phone: 919.807.1267 Hickory, NC & Raleigh, NC